The Horse Psychology Masterclass

Discover the Power of Horse Psychology!

What you will learn

in this livestream event is:

  • How to create true cooperation with your horse.
  • How to get a greater & more solid connection with your horse.
  • How to take your foundation & your leadership from the ground up into the saddle.
  • How to load your horse in the trailer, where both the student and horse are confident, safe & happy.
  • How to create a more positive & constructive mindset & self-image, both in you & in your horse.
  • Problemsolving and trauma rehabilitation.
  • Great entertainment and inspiration.


Extensive Education!

Get the best education you can in horse behavior & horse psychology as well as creating long lasting, fun and happy relationships between horses & humans.

Join in on several inspirational and educational lectures and lesson with Mikkel demonstrating and teaching the concepts of

The 4 Pillars of Cooperation,

MT (Meaningful Training),

Leadership while riding,

Mental Agility,


both from the ground and while riding!

Outline of the event!


9.00 – Welcome and introduction of the weekend as well as the program schedule. 

9.15 - Dr. Djuhr explains "The Scale of Behavior"

A fun and entertaining but VERY important lecture on the Scale of Behavior. Dr. Djuhr is a hillarious character and will for certain put a smile on your face.

10.00 – Lecture & demo about “The 4 Pillars of Cooperation” 

Let’s talk about problems and discover the real root… that’s the only way you can solve them… or you keep struggling with the same problems over and over, sometimes for years! - Mikkel demonstrates The 4 Pillars of Cooperation - Contact, Responsiveness, Relaxation & Willingness  with a horse on the ground.

11.00 – Group lesson no. 1 - Create true cooperation from the ground!

Mikkel coaches a group of students with their horses on The 4 Pillars of Cooperation, helping them to achieve harmony.

13.00 –Lunch break

14.15 – Lecture with Mikkel Oster about “Trailer loading done safely & with cooperation”

Mikkel will demonstrate how to help a horse get good reasons to go in the trailer and stay there by itself. He will talk about what it ultimately requires to get a horse to be permanently willing, understanding and looking forward to load in the trailer and be happy to stay there.

16.00 - Group lesson no 2 - MT -Meaningfull Training

Mikkel teaches a group of students how they can improve the development of the horse through MT - Meaningfull Training. From more creative ways of loading the horse, how to increase the comfort- & enjoyment level for the horse and how to use the environment as a tool of personal development of the horse.

18.00 – Good night


9.00 – Baron Friedrich von Smetterling talks about correct riding patterns!

There is a correct way to ride in an arena and there is a wrong way to ride in the arena. Another fun and entertaiining lecture by a new character in the horse world!

9.30 – Lecture & demo about “Leadership & Communication in the Saddle”

Many people have results on the ground, but once in the saddle everything changes. Mikkel shows, with his partner Dusty, how to create a language in the saddle and how to use that language to create purpose in your riding.

11.00 – Group lesson no 3 - Communication & MT while Riding!

Mikkel teaches the students to create and improve their communication in the saddle and to start riding with more purpose.

13.00 – Lunch break

14.15 – Lecture & demo about “Self-image & Mental Agility”

Mikkel gives a lecture on self-image in the rider and the horse and training your Mental Agility when riding. How to optimize your session as well as the performance. How to NOT get stuck in your improvements and expand your aspirations.

15.00 - Group lesson no 4 - “Self-image & Mental Agility”

Mikkel teaches the group of students on improving their self-image as well as their horses self-images. How to train your Mental Agility and get creative when riding. How to feel the performance of the horse when in the saddle and improve the collaboration.

17.15 – Open forum & Discussion with Mikkel

A final talk and discussion about horse psychology, cooperation & happy relationships between horse & humans, performance with horses and personal development.
This is where we will make everything come together.

18.00 – Good night & Good Bye!

The Online Event of The Year - the 2-3rd of September 2023

Are you ready for the event of the year for all true horse lovers?

In September, Mikkel Oster will join you in the south of Sweden to host two full days of education, inspiration, and entertainment.

An event that will empower you to create a better partnership, connection, and collaboration with your horse.

So what does this awesome event cost?

Mikkel Oster
Master of Horse Psychology and Natural Communication

Over a span of 20 years, Mikkel has been educating and lecturing about true and natural cooperation between horses and humans, with a simple focus on horse psychology and natural communication. He has helped over 30000+ students to learn how to really develop and educate their own horses and to create a happy partnership. Mikkel is also specialized in trauma treatment and rehabilitation of horses with mental and emotional trauma and psychological issues.

Mikkel´s way of teaching is always entertaining, very logical, and easy to understand. Even if your experience with horses is limited, you can easily become captivated and engrossed in their world. By simply spending a few hours listening and learning, you'll walk away with a wealth of knowledge that just makes sense.

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you get lifetime access to the broadcast afterward.


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Mikkel is a true powerhouse that offers specific and instructive tools to help you cultivate a happier and healthier relationship with your horse. With his guidance, you'll walk away equipped with skills that you can implement immediately.